Daily Reports

 Children's Progress Reported Daily

At Happy Tree Academy we utilise a secure online and smartphone app (Blossom) to inform parents of their child’s learning, progress and development throughout the day whilst under our care in real time.

The app documents the various activities that children have taken part in and gives parents updates on their child’s eating habits, toileting as well as overall progress during their day.

Blossom also allows for us to share a child’s golden moments with parents such as first steps taken, first words and other similar milestones achieved.

It allows parents to record their child’s development at home such as activities that they do at home or progress made at home. We feel this builds a strong partnership with all our parents which aids children’s development inside and outside the nursery.

The Blossom app is secure and can only be visible to parents once the nursery gives permission for use. It is password protected and only allows access on authorised devices. The app is free and can be downloaded on an any iPhone and Android device.

Happy Tree Academy is on the Blossom Advisory Board in developing the app and ensuring the app is continually updated with new legislation and new thinking in the field.