See What Our Parent's Say!

Enjoy a few testimonials from our current parents at Happy Tree Academy

"Very Impressed"

“The assessment the key person completed was very informative. It gave a good insight on how my daughter is progressing and how we can help at home. Very impressed!”
- Angalee 

"Vocabulary Has Improved"

“When I pick my nephew up from Happy Tree, I can see he's had a great time. He's excited and doesn't stop talking about what he was playing with. I can see how his vocabulary has improved since starting at Happy Tree and it makes me giggle the way he keeps saying ‘Let me think…’ when I ask him something.”
- Marius 

"I Really Like The Food!"

"I really like the food options and the way staff help children eat at Happy Tree. I could see how independent my grandson has become since starting at the nursery. He is willing to eat a much bigger variety of food than before."
- Irina

"So Happy With The Progress"

"I’m so happy with the progress my granddaughter is making. The staff keep me informed about her day and let me know topics they are planning so we can reinforce her learning at home. She's always keen to kiss me goodbye and go off independently with the staff."
- Christine

"Reassuring And Safe"

"My daughter loves it at Happy Tree! She's become more confident. When she sees the nursery doors she runs ahead of me squealing excitedly. That reassures me, knowing she is safe and has fun when I go to work."
- Jay

"Brilliant Job Preparing For Primary School"

"My son attended Happy Tree until he went to primary school. I could see the staff did a brilliant job in preparing him for that as he kept talking to be about what is going to happen when he goes to ‘big school’. When I asked him how he knew, he smiled and said ‘i read it in the book’. Thank you Happy Tree for your help in supporting him to be the confident little man he is now."
- Sorin

"Worth Travelling To Happy Tree"

“I have to travel a little to get my son to Happy Tree, however it's worth it! The way he has been enjoying it and how much he has grown as in confidence and speech it’s all thanks to the staff's hard work. I've seen a positive change in my son since going to Happy Tree Nursery. I could easily put him in a nursery just down the road from me, but I would much rather do the travelling every day and see my son happy and learning the way he has been. I'd recommend this nursery to all the mums and dads out there with little toddlers.”
- Ziggy

"Exceptional Progress"

“Thanks for providing such a good environment where Samantha achieved and made exceptional progress, you all made learning fun for Samantha through a range of interesting activities. Your duty of care is evident through a range of assessments collaborating regular reviews and advice was pivotal to Samantha progress and cognitive development.”
- Suzanna

"Safe And Confident In Your Care"

“Thank you so much for being there for Kasper, teaching him and loving him. It is so nice to feel so confident and safe knowing that he is in your care."
- Adriana

"Confident and Socialises Really Well"

“My daughter’s vocabulary has come a long way and she's now very confident in unfamiliar environments and socialises really well. She was very shy when she first started.”
- Akosua