Why Happy Tree

Why Happy Tree Academy 

The Directors and management team have over 30 years experience in the
industry and have ensured that children in our care enjoy the best possible start in school readiness. We provide opportunities to develop and succeed in an environment that nurtures responsibility and respect. It is our constant aim to provide a well rounded experience for every child.

Our staff are dedicated, hardworking and professional with high expectations for all children in our care.

We encourage parents/carers to engage with activities at Happy Tree Academy and contribute to their child’s education and development.

We have a holistic approach to learning where equal emphasis is placed on all 7 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, both indoors and outdoors.

Trust your children to this nursery and we will deliver happy and confident achievers in return, who enjoy engaging in learning experiences.

Childcare professional playing with children at Happy Tree Academy, our newest kindergarten situated in Northwood
School readiness, one of our main preoccupations at the Happy Tree kindergarten

Our Approach

At Happy Tree Academy we:

• Nurture a caring and supportive environment which fully acknowledges the value and individual needs of all children and staff.

• Provide care and education of the highest quality to maximise children’s academic, physical and creative potential.

• Build positive and respectful relationships between children, parents, staff and the wider community.

• Promote international and cross cultural knowledge, interest, awareness and understanding.

Our Vision

At Happy Tree, we believe every child has the potential to be a successful learner, a confident individual and a responsible citizen.

Our Mission Statement


Happy Tree Academy actively values and celebrates diversity, nurturing personal growth by providing a friendly and supportive environment.

We believe that children love to learn and that this is instinctive to them. They approach this through concentration, enjoyment of play and being inquisitive.

We know children's brains develop rapidly from birth to the age of five, however there is a surge at two. Therefore, we make sure that staff understand the importance of these stages in terms of language, emotional and social development. We place emphasis on the consistency of staff as we acknowledge that children need to have secure attachment figures in their time at the nursery.

In order to facilitate this drive to learn, Happy Tree Academy staff utilise their skills in observing, assessing, planning and implementing age and stage appropriate activities. Staff communicate, model and "scaffold" children's development so that they achieve skills and progress on to their next stage of learning.

HappyTree Northwood learn through play activity: Heuristic play - child playing without any adult interference