About Us

Award-winning nursery group for parents in & around Northwood, Watford, Harrow, Ruislip, Pinner, Rickmansworth, Eastcote and surrounding areas

Early Opening Hours

Open 51 Weeks Of The Year
We understand that working parents and carers need flexible childcare arrangements. We're open 7.30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, 51 weeks of the year.

Quality & Care

With over 25 years in childcare, quality is central to our ethos and the concept runs throughout everything we do at Happy Tree Academy. We employ a dedicated Quality Manager to ensure that every aspect of the nursery and its operation conforms to the very highest standards and industry best practices. We house the Auralern training centre for childcare professionals, hand-pick and train the very best staff within the borough. We are OFSTED registered with a team of qualified staff.

Affordable Excellence

We aim to offer a high quality, first rate service at a competitive, value for money price. We understand that parents have a choice when it comes to nursery provision and you can be reassured that Happy Tree Academy ensures both excellence and affordability. In addition, the following activities are included in the fees:

• Superstar Sports
• French Language Lessons

Learning through play activities at Happy Tree Northwood nursery - cooking class
A healthy and balanced diet is essential for children's healthy growth and development.

Nutritious Meals & Snacks

We use outside caterers, Care Catering - www.carecatering.co.uk who prepare fresh and well balanced healthy meals. Snacks are also provided in the morning and afternoon and children have access to fresh fruits and water throughout the day. All meals and snacks can be adapted to individual dietary needs.

Working Closely With Parents

Happy Tree Academy recognises that parents and families are the most important people in children lives, and that parents are the child’s first educator. Shared experiences at home have an important impact on children’s social, emotional, and intellectual development. Parents are welcomed at any time in the nursery to assist with the children’s learning or to observe their child’s development. Key and familiar persons in the nursery aim to respect and value parents by listening, engaging and involving them in their child’s learning and to offer sensitive support during times of transition.

Regular updates, newsletters and communications keep parents informed of their child’s progress and planned activities. Each child has an individual development journal and these are accessible to parents at any time. We hold regular progress reviews and complete assessment reports 3 times a year.

At Happy Tree Northwood nursery we are always trying to build a positive relationship with parents.
At Happy Tree nursery we are doing our best to ensure children's development through learning and play

Learning Through Play

It is now a well established concept that children develop and learn best through play. Happy Tree Academy provides the ideal environment for your child to grow and enhance their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, sensory skills and abilities.

Auralern - Training Centre for Childcare Professionals

Happy Tree Academy is the only nursery in Hillingdon with its own in-house training centre. Our founders insist on only the very best and fully trained staff. Placement students are fully supervised as they work alongside fully qualified staff and the focus on training and best practices is always at the forefront of everything we do.

Happy Tree nurseries have their own in-house training center
At Happy Tree Northwood nursery children are always protected. Here you can see a Key Person (a familiar carer) playing with the children in the outdoor area

Familiar Carer

Each child will be allocated a Key Person throughout their time at Happy Tree Academy. We aim to ensure that wherever possible, the Key Person stays with the child as they move from one room to another to ensure smooth transition (otherwise a familiar person from the room will take over as your child’s key person). The Key Person will liaise with the parents on a regular basis and update them on the child’s development.

Clean, Safe & Secure Environment

Providing a safe and secure environment for all our children and staff is a key priority. Whether inside or outside the building, all play areas are supervised and we regularly inspect equipment, doors, locks and fences to provide peace of mind. We carefully select our staff, checking personal and employment references and obtaining clearance from the Disclosure and Barring Service. Staff are trained in first aid and the latest health and safety procedures.

All visitors to the nursery are accompanied throughout their visit and we have strict security procedures regarding authorised people to collect your child.

Happy Tree Northwood nursery provides a safe and nurturing environment for children

On-Site Nature Reserve Forest School

Our Forest School is an inspirational approach to learning that provides children with opportunities in a local woodland or a natural environment to develop lifelong skills such as independence, high self-esteem, the opportunity to control and express their emotions, take risks safely
and learn through investigation and discovery.

It is a long-term process with regular sessions in a natural site over a period of time. The site must be sustainable, so clear and careful planning, observation, reflection and care for the environment and the ecological impact is paramount. Respect for the environment is at the centre of the practice, allowing and supporting ecosystems to co-exist with the learners.


Daily Reporting

We utilise a secure online and smartphone app (Blossom) to inform parents of their child’s learning, progress and development throughout the day whilst under our care in real time.

The app documents the various activities that children have taken part in day-to-day and gives parents updates on their child’s eating habits, toileting as well as overall progress during their day.

The app is secure, password protected and only permits access to authorised devices.