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"It’s a great nursery to send your kids to"

"Izzy really enjoys the range of things here"

"Thanks to Happy Tree Academy, I'm a happy mum"

“Exceptional Care, Nurturing Environment, and Positive Impact”

I am delighted to provide a testimonial for Happy Tree Nursery. From the moment I enrolled my child, I have been consistently impressed with the exceptional care and support provided by the entire team.

The staff at Happy Tree Nursery has been outstanding. They are not only friendly and approachable but also highly knowledgeable and skilled in understanding and meeting the needs of each child. I have always felt confident and at ease leaving my child in their capable hands.

One aspect that truly stands out is the nursery’s dedication to fostering social skills development. Through a range of interactive activities and group play, my child has grown in confidence, learned to socialize effectively, and developed important skills such as sharing and cooperation.

The learning environment at Happy Tree Nursery is stimulating and engaging. The educational activities are thoughtfully designed to cater to each child’s age and abilities, promoting their cognitive growth and expanding their knowledge base.

What truly sets Happy Tree Nursery apart is the individualized attention and care given to each child. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure that every child feels safe, comfortable, and valued. This personalized approach has had a remarkable impact on my child’s overall well-being and happiness during their time at the nursery.

I am also grateful for the teachers’ commitment to encouraging a love for learning. They create a positive and inspiring atmosphere where my child is motivated to explore, discover, and develop a genuine thirst for knowledge.

In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Happy Tree Nursery to any parent seeking a nurturing and enriching environment for their child. My experience with the nursery has been nothing short of exceptional, and I am grateful for the positive impact it has had on my child’s growth and development.

Thank you, Happy Tree Nursery, for the wonderful experience and for being an exceptional partner in my child’s early education journey.

Senthilnath & Shripriya

Highly, highly recommended!

My son, Z loves it. I am very happy with the high standard of care, love and affection my son is provided with. He looks forward to going to the nursery every time. The biggest difference has been in the way he interacts, how his language is developing and just as important his eating habits. He is able to eat independently. It is a pleasure to see the bond he has with all the nursery teachers. Highly, highly recommended!

Dr S Herwitker

Leaflet does not have enough room to express my full gratitude

I’ve posted our day nursery review to you but I wanted to send you an e-mail as the day nursery leaflet does not have enough room to express my full gratitude.

It was very difficult looking around for Nurseries for our Annalivia. Annalivia had been attending a local nursery from September 2019 until December 2019 which she enjoyed and to which we had all built a nice relationship with the carers. Sadly the owners did not feel the same. We were rudely told that we asked too many questions and that our questions had stopped them from looking after the children and we were told that we would never find a nursery good enough. The owners rudely spoke to us as if we were children and not parents. The owners went as far as ending the contract, leaving us with no childcare. This left us with bitter feelings which made our search for a new nursery very difficult.

This feeling has now completely gone after our experience with Happy Tree Academy, it has left us with a feeling of trust and joy knowing that Annalivia has had such a happy time at the nursery, something we hope for her at her new school. The relationship which we have all built with the carers is very warm too. All the staff have been brilliant at providing such a fun, warm and loving environment for the children, especially throughout COVID when times were challenging!

As well as providing a warm loving environment, Annalivia has flourished into a confident girl which is also thanks to all the staff.

We love the updates that we get from the Blossom Tree Application. When Annalivia first joined I was working in London full time, only seeing Annalivia 10 minutes before her bedtime. At the time Annalivia was too little to say what she had been doing all day but the App made me feel I was part of her day and gave me a tool to engage in conversations.

We love that staff gives hugs and that you have respected our values as her parents.

The facilities at the nursery a really good, extracurricular activities and the outdoor space is great for the children.

Everything at the nursery is great, again the staff, food, learning and facilities. The forest school and learning Spanish is an extra bonus.

Thank you also for teaching the children about so many religions and diversity, this has really opened Annalvia’s mind.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so much for everything, we truly are grateful for the flexibility and everything you have done for Annalivia and wish all the staff well and for the success of the nursery.

All the best,
Angela and Richard.

Angela and Richard.

I really appreciate everyone’s hard work and am so grateful

I am writing this email as I would like to thank you and all of the staff at Happy Tree Academy for all their care and attention over the last three years. I really appreciate everyone’s hard work and am so grateful that Ava was able to attend such a loving setting that clearly has children at the centre of everything that they do. Since Ava has started school in September 2020 it has made me realise how much the nursery has supported and guided her to achieve over and above! She has gone in to her new school with great confidence and a positive approach to learning and this I have you all to thank for. The teachers at her new school have also noticed how keen and eager she is to get involved with all activities and awarded her with star of the week on her first week of starting. Ava still talks about the nursery at home and misses the teachers and her friends. Keep up the hard work because you are all making a real difference for the children that are attending your setting. I wish you all the best in the future


All the staff are very warm, happy and lovely

We wanted to pass on our thanks to all the staff for welcoming our precious little girl. All the staff are very warm, happy and lovely. Annalivia has settled in brilliantly, she is so happy, even when she comes home she’s beaming, this makes us feel very happy indeed! The updates are really great, they make us feel more involved in Annalivia’s day, especially when we’ll both be back at work full time

Angela & Richard

Thank you so much for making her experience full of fun

To the wonderful nursery staff who have been part of Aiyla’s journey since 2019! Thank you so much for making her experience full of fun, laughter, enjoyment and learning. Aiyla has gained a tremendous amount during her time with you and we are extremely grateful for this as well as the continued support to our family during what has been a difficult start to 2022. Aiyla will miss you all so much, but will cherish the memories … XXX


As a family we are sad to leave Happy Tree Academy.

As a family we are sad to leave Happy Tree Academy. Watching Leela and then Niko learn to be without us, gain independence, learn barriers and interact with others has been a joy. They are turning out to be great little people and that is nothing to do with their parents and everything to do with all the staff at HTA.

Anna & Bhavish

You are an amazing team!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for looking after our precious Rosalie, for helping her grow and learn and guiding her to make good decisions. Thank you for all that love, and care you have given her and that we could trust you with her every step of the way. There wasn’t a day that she didn’t come home with a smile on her face. She loved coming here. You are an amazing team!

Rosalie’s mother

Thanks a lot for your dedication and hard work

Thank you so much for everything you have done for Daniel. He has grown and developed under your care and guidance. Everything you do and have done is really appreciated. Thanks a lot for your dedication and hard work

Daniel’s parents

Thank you for all your hard work and kindness

Thank you for all your hard work and kindness this year. We really appreciate all that you do for Paulie, he is really flourishing with your care and attention


Brilliant Job Preparing For Primary School

My son attended Happy Tree until he went to primary school. I could see the staff did a brilliant job in preparing him for that as he kept talking to be about what is going to happen when he goes to ‘big school’. When I asked him how he knew, he smiled and said ‘i read it in the book’. Thank you Happy Tree for your help in supporting him to be the confident little man he is now.


Worth Travelling To Happy Tree

I have to travel a little to get my son to Happy Tree, however it’s worth it! The way he has been enjoying it and how much he has grown as in confidence and speech it’s all thanks to the staff’s hard work. I’ve seen a positive change in my son since going to Happy Tree Nursery. I could easily put him in a nursery just down the road from me, but I would much rather do the travelling every day and see my son happy and learning the way he has been. I’d recommend this nursery to all the mums and dads out there with little toddlers.


Exceptional Progress

Thanks for providing such a good environment where Samantha achieved and made exceptional progress, you all made learning fun for Samantha through a range of interesting activities. Your duty of care is evident through a range of assessments collaborating regular reviews and advice was pivotal to Samantha progress and cognitive development.


Safe And Confident In Your Care

Thank you so much for being there for Kasper, teaching him and loving him. It is so nice to feel so confident and safe knowing that he is in your care.


Confident and Socialises Really Well

My daughter’s vocabulary has come a long way and she’s now very confident in unfamiliar environments and socialises really well. She was very shy when she first started.


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