Extra Curricular activities

We offer additional extra-curricular activities as we want the children to enjoy new experiences that not only support their development, increase their confidence & self-esteem but also to increase their cultural capital.

Ofsted define ‘cultural capital’ as the ‘knowledge children need to prepare them for their future success’ and be ‘educated citizens’.

Currently, we offer:

  • Monday – Baby Ballers Northwood Pinner (football & child development sessions)
  • Tuesday – French lesson
  • Wednesday – Lunge and Leap Classes (fitness program specifically designed for toddlers and preschool children)
  • Thursday – Jumping Beans (a music and movement class with a professional Ukelele Player)
  • Friday – Ballet
  • Forest School sessions are held throughout the week

One-off and regular visits:

The children have regular visits to the local:

  • Northwood Recreation Ground on Chestnut Avenue
  • Emmanuel Church on High Street to support children’s learning of Harvest. Christmas and Easter

We have visits from the:

  • Local Librarian who comes and reads books to the children.
  • The Police and London Fire Brigade giving children the opportunity to directly interact with people who help us
  • Wild Science – a workshop whereby children are introduced to a wide variety of animals, giving them a chance to touch, hold and interact with them.