Forest School

Forest School

Our Forest School is a nature driven inspirational approach to learning that provides children to experience a natural environment. This experience helps children develop skills including independence, investigation and discovery, taking risks safely, expressing emotions, building self-esteem and care for natural environments.

The Forest School provides support to the holistic development of those involved, from self-discipline in managing their personal dressing and undressing routine to negotiating space and strategies, practicing physical skills while assuming risks, developing a wide range of vocabulary and using props (such as magnifying glasses) to complement their activity.

Children do not have the pressure of achieving, they enjoy success through small achievable tasks. They take responsibility for their own learning process and are allowed and encouraged to revisit experiences to work through their lines of enquiry and embed knowledge.

The sessions are child led and as much as possible child-initiated. The sessions are led by a qualified leader who is committed to continuous professional development. It establishes a community of learners.

Experiences are reflected upon and documented to support children’s evaluating skills and making links between the experiences they are exposed to in order to consolidate learning.